Daily Prompt: Idyllic

That’s an easy one! [No writer’s block. . . .is this real life?]

My ideal community looks like one described centuries ago. The kind of family tradition that transcends the modern age, thriving individualistic culture of our time.
The Spiritual Community.
Don’t let the word spiritual turn you off. This community turns no one away. It is never too proud to accept a new member as its own. It is never too selective to deem anyone unlovable.
This is a family of followers. This is a family of individually beloved and gifted people, combining to create a whole whole. Working fluidly to create a patchwork story that stretches farther than the border of our nation and farther than the edges of our atmosphere and farther than our ozone layer. This story stretches to the past and the future. It is all there ever was and all there is to come. This story is time, this story is love, this story is all any of us have. Believers or not, this story is one to tell over the campfire, over a hot meal with friends- or strangers. This is a story that started it all. No matter who you are or what you believe, it’s in your blood.
How do we function?
We love each other unconditionally, which is harder than we make it seem. Every time we succeed, we improve, and we gain more of the Spirit. We start to look more like the Son of Man. We start feel free. This community is founded in freedom.
What does a community of freedom look like?
Rules are much easier to follow when you only have to pray your worries to the Father of the family and he takes on the worrying, jealousy, hatred, pain, weariness, and broken hearts. He takes it from us and leaves us only with his Spirit. This is the only thing we have to feel and why wouldn’t we want to? In fact we crave it. We want more of it. And so we chase it. We chase righteousness.
We recognize that we are no better than anyone else, in or out of the community. We know that it is our Father’s grace that lets us stay. We are beggars off the streets and we are let into his home as guests who are treated like long-lost grandchildren invited to a homemade feast.
This is why in the story of Les Miserables, the priest expresses grace to the homeless man who trys to steal his silver from him. He claims to have given the man the silver. He knew that his beggar had no hope in prison and that the world had simply treated him harshly and left him for dead. Someone had never loved him enough. And the thief is changed by this.
Is the spiritual community any less changed by this expression of love?
No. Our hearts are forever reconstructing themselves to continue following Christ. His path is not straight, it goes where God’s plan leads him. His followers are like the wind, zig-zagging unpredictably to keep up. They submit and they are rewarded and they are entirely satisfied. How could you want anything, when you know you have everything and deserve nothing?
This community works to sacrifice their life to benefit His and that of others.
And we are not wasting time, when we know that this life is not the end. There is an eternity to live in love and light if we follow. The only rules are to learn to love others as yourself and remember that the story is not about you. It is far too large and far too important and certainly too beautiful to be about me alone. I am a part of it, but only a part. I am a unique, beautiful, and beloved piece of this community. No better or worse than any other part of the family.
We run towards light, we scream into the darkness, we plant seeds of growth and with rain, sun, and time we bloom. Peaches, pears, bananas, apples-every kind of fruit-will grow from our branches. We try and fail at avoiding sin, but we are endlessly forgiven.
So we welcome all into our homes, we try to do the right thing, and we are not so unlike those who think we’re crazy. We are not so unlike those who think we claim love and practice hate. We are not so unlike those who steal, cheat, hate, and kill. We are not so unlike anyone outside this path, as we are all headed for certain death.
Except for one thing. We believe.
We believe that faith will carry us through to the promised life of an eternity in euphoria and community with a God who satisfies every need, a Son who rescues, and a community of people who all want the same thing: life.
Don’t ever say that your life is not or could never be a love story. This world is a fairy tale and we all can live happily ever after. This life is a love song to you; the lyrics were prewritten. Play the notes. . .you know you want to.