Imagine It! Prompts- Free Writing/Beware of nonsensical lapses of creativity

Imagine It! Prompts.

“Writers can study all they want, learn the rules and learn the writing jargon, but the one true thing that will polish the quality of your craft, your voice,and your style is quantity.

In other words, practice–more & more & more. So we are  dedicating Fridays to writing prompts and exercises.

As a group, we do this for at least 10 minutes of our every meeting.

We choose a sentence, image, or string of random words and phrases and free-write any old unstructured nonsense that pops into our brains. Serious, silly, soulish who cares.

So here’s a prompt for today. Write for 5, 10, 20 minutes or more without your editor-self to guide you. This is a free for all, free-fall, do or die mission. Go for it!”

                        “If men/boys carried purses, what would they keep in them?”

Well, I think first off we need to start calling these bags “murses.” Forgive me for my lack of originality. Oh! Or maybe we could call them “mags”. . .for “male-bags.” Although that also is the name of a pretty serious piece of lethal machinery and with all the gun control controversy, this may cause a lot of misconceptions. Let’s just call them purses to make them feel less manly.

Obviously in these purses, males would carry condoms. I would like to believe otherwise, but wishful thinking doesn’t apply in situations regarding one’s personal belongings. Boys will be boys, as it was said somewhere in a long ago time, author anonymous.

Guys will carry their wallets and iPhones in these purses, just because they can. They will feel bouncy and feather-weighted, as if the air were blowing through them and they could drift away on some gust if they should feel up to it. Why? Well. We can’t blame them for the joy of finally removing that giant 3-D rectangular wallet that was always digging into their butt as they sat lopsided wondering why the hell they couldn’t just carry some sort of bag, because at the same time they had their too long, iPhone 5 in their front pocket, the top just barely peeking out and digging into their hip. And they couldn’t very well take it out and hold it on the desk. Professors have hawk eyes for that sort of thing. So males (unless they are brave enough to use a backpack or secure enough to carry a purse) are force to spend their days teeter-tottering, adjusting their weight, but never finding comfort. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

They would carry gum. I think women would be very satisfied by a turn of the century male-purse trend, because of all the great tasting kisses we would get. Some guys are avid gum-chewers already, but most aren’t willing to sacrifice another pocket to another rectangle. Ha.

Headphones, for sure.

They would definitely carry Nintendo DS’ or something like that. We would see men mostly with their heads down, buried in video games while walking. Maybe this would be a good thing. . .less sitting on the couch. Are we ready to sacrifice social interactivity for the sake of mobility and exercise? If it means males carrying purses rather than males wearing bras to support their man-boobs. . . I think it’s a necessary compromise.

Guys would start carrying weird stuff that they never really needed, just because they could. Like. . .razors and travel size shaving cream for that five o’clock shadow. Lip balm. Gloves.  A different shirt to throw on in the evening. They might buy an expensive pair of sunglass, because now they had somewhere to keep them. Two fragrance options, just to fill the space. Polo or Axe?  Polo for the metro or lady’s man, Axe for the bros.

Some would carry cigarettes, lighters, magazines, guitar picks, iPods, water bottles, maybe a notepad and paper, maybe a book if they enjoy that sort of thing.

Last, but not least food. Tons and tons of food. Chips, candy, Gatorade, soda,sandwiches, beer. . . everything but the kitchen sink.  Who’s high maintenance now, boys?!

There you have it. Completely unedited, thirty minutes of free-written nonsense. My apologies for causing that sting of sleep now ringing your eye lids.