I found Simplicity

It struck me in the simplest ways

leaving impacts



and loving away

I found Grace

It struck me in the most ecstatic ways

as if I were high on some chemical comfort,

but stone cold sober

and crying with joy for the day

I sought as hard as I could, I tried and tried hoping what came to be

was good.

I lended a phone, an ear, a hand.

Maybe someday I’ll need to feel it too,

there will beams to hold up my back

as I crumble into blue.

I found it

Coursing all around us [the oblivious], yet only some injected it into their veins.

I rose to the call and let it drift, drift, drift me away.

Please, oh please, I begged the Simplicity,

just touch my face.

just swear You know my name.