Woven I keep a steady weave in and out of the whole thing. I’ve heard it said that life is about the stumbling, the steadying, the standing. Because what painter, creator, Maker, likes routine? Our… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Idyllic

That’s an easy one! [No writer’s block. . . .is this real life?] My ideal community looks like one described centuries ago. The kind of family tradition that transcends the modern age, thriving… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t. HA! I’ll try and narrow my list of procrastinations and flat out avoidances, although… Continue reading

Puzzles (I’m free writing again. . .this is dangerous).

My thoughts aren’t coherent today. I keep trying to figure out how to write down what I’m feeling, but I can’t. I’m just going to start typing.  I’m not sure how fair it… Continue reading

Imagine It! Prompts- Free Writing/Beware of nonsensical lapses of creativity

Imagine It! Prompts. “Writers can study all they want, learn the rules and learn the writing jargon, but the one true thing that will polish the quality of your craft, your voice,and your… Continue reading

I found my problem.

Problem with what? I’m glad you asked. No, not a health problem or social issue. My problem concerns my writing and my problem is that I can’t write from a prompt. Unless it… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Sliced Bread < < The Art of Peanut Butter

  Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread? I must confess. I am a peanut butter… Continue reading

Be Still

At times I don’t know that He hears me. Sometimes I don’t know that He’s tried. Most times I realize that I’m just pacing asking, “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” Perhaps since I keep asking… Continue reading

Rainy days are for reading :)

I’ll most likely post a review of this book when I’m finished. I’ve been told it’s a children’s classic, I don’t know how I skipped over it as a kid! Anywho, I hope… Continue reading


Thorns Ring The Skull. The physicality looms  Rust through a palm        No historian, archeologist, geologist        Rust through a palm can deny the existence of DNA in dried… Continue reading